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About Leggy Dog


My name is Georgie and I am the founder of Leggy Dog. I am a big supporter of local and handmade products sold by small businesses, and as a doggy owner, decided I'd like to start a small creative business of my own selling dog leads handmade by me, in the garden, in my home, in the UK.

My goal is to hand make really cool looking dog leads and accessories, sourcing material from as local as possible (sometimes this is international, but I try my best to keep suppliers as close to home as I can). I also aim to be open and transparent about the materials, where they are from, and who made them. So I can promise you now, every item I sell was not mass produced in a factory by underpaid workers. 

Every item purchased will be helping a small business, and reducing demand on mass production that is damaging to both our society and our planet.

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